Spent Glycol Acceptance

Great Western Glycol accepts spent antifreeze and other glycol-based heat transfer fluids from fleets, collectors and large users, such as airports, power plants and stationery engine installations. We have developed a process which requires a few important pieces of information before we can accept the product for glycol recovery via distillation refining.

It is critical that we understand as much as possible about the specific product we are being asked to accept.

1.    Is the fluid from general transportation maintenance, HVAC, airports, stationery engine or some other specific application? The prior use of the fluid provides some insight into concerns we may have about contaminants.

2.    Do you know the specific brand or type of glycol? GWG accepts both ethylene glycol and propylene glycol.

3.    Are there any specific known contaminants? While a small amount of used engine oil often comes from the collection process, GWG will not accept spent fluids containing significant amounts of used oil, dirt, sludge, demulsifiers, solvents or surfactants.

We generally will request a sample from new collectors or sources before agreeing to accept any fluids.

Acceptance fees may vary depending on the glycol content, general product quality, quantity and market conditions for spent glycol streams.

Great Western Glycol will provide a Certificate of Acceptance and Recycling for spent glycol streams we approve and accept. This document provides proof of good environmental stewardship and cradle-to-grave records.

Spent Glycol Semi-Tanker Image